Losing Your Virginity

Hi & welcome to “Losing Your Virginity”.

This website is specifically for young women considering having sex with a guy for the very first time. And also, wanting it to be a great experience! Minimum age 18.

My name is James ( Darren James Butler ) and I’m a male escort. I’ve worked in the adult industry since 2014 meeting adult men, women & couples of all ages for sex and erotic massage sessions. As you can imagine my meetings are usually a red letter day for my clients, wether it’s a guy’s first time or a couple’s first threesome, I have always found a way to relax them enough to have the time of their life! And to also book me again & again!

During this time as an escort, I have also occasionally been booked to help women lose their virginity and and to also build sexual experience & confidence. This can seem an unusual idea at first, however, because they are in complete control the women I see quickly seem to build their own sexual confidence over just a few meetings, enough for them to go out dating and interacting with men without feeling as vulnerable. It’s touching to say the least that I can facilitate this in such an intimate and powerful way!

My aim with this website is to offer young women an alternative to the usual way of “losing your virginity” and present it in such a way that they are “Sharing their virginity” by experiencing total consideration & respect during their first time. I always approach meeting people for sexual encounters with the foundation of Making You Feel Comfortable, relaxed, at ease, and uninhibited. I’ve found that inhibitions can easily be let go of when sexual confidence is high. So I’m always trying to find ways to build enough confidence in my clients to reveal, just how good, really good sex can be!

Sexual Respect

I’ve found while working as a male escort that my clients enjoyment is linked directly to being respected, sexually. If people experience and receive sexual respect I believe they will more likely be able to recognise it in the behaviour signals of potential future sexual partners.

Or in other words, I want to offer women an opportunity to benefit from the experience of having a great first time by guaranteeing complete sexual respect. A great experience to begin with is a better point of reference to start with. I offer this by Communicating, Asking & Checking.

When we learn anything in life we always and normally seek out people and groups or professionals who we trust who will teach us is a way which isn’t scary or intimidating and which eases us into learning positively. Having sex and having good sex, isn’t any different.


  • Q – What areas do you cover?
  • A – I’m based in Essex so I can easily reach London, Essex, Suffolk & Surry. I can also travel further.

  • Q – Can we just meet to talk things over?
  • A – Yes No problem, we can meet to just talk or we can talk on the phone.

  • Q – Can we just go slow to start?
  • A – Absolutely! I always go to your pace with no pressure at all. It’s about building your confidence!

  • Q – I have lots of questions can I ask them?
  • A – Sure, I’ll be happy to answer them all, just email me or you’re welcome to arrange a phone call to talk them over

  • Q – Do you bring contraception?
  • A – Yes I always bring condoms!

About me

My name is Darren James Butler & I have been working as an escort in Essex & London since 2014. I started escorting because, after becoming single, like every other person I still really need physical affection & sex. You could say I escort for that same reason that my clients book me. So I have to say… It’s as real a need for me to do this as it is for my clients who hire me!

This isn’t my only job. I also work in a few other industries including Marketing as an SEO consultant, in Fitness as a Spinning & Pump instructor & in the wedding industry as a DJ.

Within all of my jobs I work a lot with Audiences, of many kinds and have a sensitivity to how people are responding to me and what I doing. Wether I’m DJing, teaching a fitness class or writing SEO content for a website, I am always keenly aware of how I’m being received by my audience. It’s exactly the same when I am your escort, I want more than anything for you to feel confident and relaxed around me and for you to get the best out of our meeting.